Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cushioning the Fall

I can no longer deny that it's Fall. It's ok though - I get to wear things that are distinctly Fally that have not seen the light of day for a while! Last Fall, I made this olive green velvet cropped jacket, and I must say it was a small treat to be able to wear it again for the first time this year.

So soft! This is a cotton velvet from Tessuti. I snapped up a 1.5 meter remnant that was very good value. And the colour is just amazing, hard to photograph, but it has such depth and sheen to it. 

I had some trouble deciding what to do with this fabric: I knew that something with too many seams would not look good, and 1.5 meters did not leave me with too many options anyway. I settled on McCall's 5790, view B. This is a wonderful 1960's pattern for fully lined cropped jackets that I found on Etsy.

I was a bit afraid to cut into and sew my precious velvet, but in the end it was not so bad at all! I referred to this Threads article quite a lot, especially for tips on pressing. I used a thick towel to steam my seams, which worked reasonably well. The seams on the front facing could be a bit crisper, but I thought over-pressing would be worse. Delicate balance, pressing. Nerves of steel!

Inspired by that very elegant pattern illustration, I spent quite a bit of time looking for trimming that would finish the edges of this jacket to perfection. In the end, nothing seemed to work with the colour and the drape of the fabric, and I decided leaving it untrimmed meant I would wear it more casually also.

So there you have it. Velvet with jeans, and on a regular Thursday - you think I can pull it off?


  1. Ooh! I used to have a velvet jacket when I was younger that I wore to death (literally - it got all worn in the elbows and fell to pieces...) and I've always dreamed of making another. Yours look fantastic and you can totally pull it off! It looks extra soft and almost like moleskin in the photos - could be dangerous! The cropped look really suits you!

    1. Thank you! It's funny you say that, I actually just bought a short length of moleskin in just this colour! It's only enough for a skirt or something like that though. This velvet from Tessuti I used here is truly dreamy, I cannot stop petting it when I wear this jacket which might creep people out a bit! I hope you dig in and recreate your jacket, it's so gratifying when a project like that works out, and you wear it all the time.

    2. Ha ha! I totally understand! I think I used to stroke my jacket in a very absent minded way which must have been very scary for people...! I will certainly make another one once I live somewhere that gets cold, but until then I'll have to content myself with velvet scraps...! ;-)

      PS A moleskin skirt could be seriously dangerous!


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